Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Online productivity tools

What does Bill Gates think of these??

It's so good to know that Zoho and Google Docs exist and that we can get access to them anywhere there's a computer with Internet access. (Visiting my sister a few months ago, I was amazed to find she doesn't have MS Office products on her PC, just clunky Works. Some things I wanted to accomplish -- even while on vacation -- would have been much better facilitated if I had known then what I know now!)

Both Zoho and Google tools seem pretty intuitive (i.e. they look a lot like MS Office. . .) I wrote a letter using Zoho Writer, and I followed the simple steps to publish it to this blog. But, you may note that it's not here. I don't know where it is, but Zoho says it was posted to LindaLu-libn??? I typed a couple of random sentences in Google Docs and followed the steps to publish that -- and here it is, just below this post. Exporting as HTML worked smoothly in both tools. And being able to save as a PDF -- what a treat!

Another thing I noticed with Zoho Writer -- when I used spellcheck, the blank lines between address and salutation, between paragraphs, etc. disappeared. I had to reformat the letter. I wonder if this always happens?

Tuesday, August 14, 10 pm -- the lost letter done in Zoho has been found! It went as a draft to the page listing blog posts where you can view, edit, delete. I've decided I'm not going to post it now, but I am pleased to learn where it ended up!

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